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He clarified that after the apex court's conviction verdict, people reacted against the ruling with grief and fury; but, the party did not asked them to do so.
A) - The Liberals at the European Parliament reacted against an Armenian bill that was adopted by the French Senate on Monday.
On December 11, art historian Gail-Nina Anderson will take a historical look at pattern, where she will explore how William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement reacted against industrialisation.
OT READERS have reacted against the views of an online spectacles retailer who has claimed PD measurements are routinely not given as part of a patient's prescription to protect the business interests of High Street opticians.
During the middle to late 1940s, World War II and its aftermath, a group of filmmakers reacted against the banality that had long ruled Italian cinema, and the socio-economic conditions of the country, using minimal resources and real people and locations.
Brown, Herbert Marcuse, and Pierre Klossowski (as mediated by Gilles Deleuze), Maggi depicts a Pasolini who was driven to create a religious myth for the post-mythic, capitalistic world; who reacted against the 1960's Sexual Revolution for openly revealing what previously had been kept hidden; and who saw homosexuality as proof of the Fall of humankind.
Born in Grantham in 1935, Maw reacted against prevailing modernist styles in the early 1960s with an individual brand of neo-romanticism first established in Scenes and Arias, a piece for three singers and orchestra.
But Pyongyang reacted against the demand, apparently aiming to limit the scope of facilities subject to inspection as much as possible.
The French have reacted against a document they think is an Anglo-Saxon plot to move away from a "social" Europe.
The Brotherhood had reacted against a painting style and subject matter of which Millais's Cymon and Iphigenia was fairly typical.
Her concern is with the interplay between groups and denominations: 'Christians of different persuasions reacted against beliefs and practices emphasised by others but they also responded in similar ways to common stimuli'.
Then you see this beautiful expression of joy, and it's incredible that that is the thing that's reacted against with an amendment.