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The thing is, reacting makes your life a roller-coaster ride, one in which you have no control nor clear direction.
Activists say the ad and the Web site demean male-to-male intimacy by having the two mechanics react violently once they have discovered what they have done and because the ad shows some NFL players reacting to the kiss with disgust.
The reacting IgG antibody in normal human serum recognized the ramified regions (rhamnogalacturonan core with carbohydrate side-chains) of the pharmacologically active pectic polysaccharides as the active sites for complement-activating activity.
These chemicals are always reacting with each other: they combine, split up, mutate, affect neighboring molecules, change characteristics--and they do this at nonstop hypervelocities.
Throughout this course, we developed strong opinions about the relative virtues of summarizing and reacting to course readings.
Proper storage and handling of the part 2 coreactant is necessary to prevent it from reacting with moisture in the bulk or day tanks.
If so, your body is obviously reacting in some way to the mere thought of that piece of lemon in your mouth--the identical reactions that you would experience if it were actually happening
The final step in slanting is reacting to the offensive line blocking and the direction of the ball.
Although reacting sodium bicarbonate with pyrophosphates is the ideal method for aerating batter systems, difficulty is frequently experienced in delaying this reaction for long enough to prepare a mix and refrigerate it for future use.