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In Dryden, and his followers through the eighteenth century, we see the reaction against the exuberance and irregularity of that prose, no longer justified by power, but cognizable rather as bad taste.
The reaction from the terrific strain of excitement left the weak survivors trembling and prostrated.
The reaction from the state of fear he had been in had overcome Spider quite as effectually as though he had drawn the fated piece.
But after the amusement came the reaction, and he was oppressed by his loneliness.
Also, my attitude may be considered, in part, as a reaction from my childhood's meagreness and my childhood's excessive toil.
The reaction which was bound to accompany the triumph of Pseudo-classicism, as a reassertion of those instincts in human nature which Pseudo-classicism disregarded, took the form of a distinct Romantic Revival.
For, even the preachers have begun to tell us that God is radium, or ether or some scientific compound, and that the worst we wicked ones may expect is a chemical reaction.
The reaction produced by repeated pricking contains both these elements; for it evokes that sensory quality known as pain, accompanied by a disagreeable feeling-tone, which we have called discomfort.
Tom was touched to the quick, but there was an angry reaction immediately.
I stood by, at a loss, like a stranger in a land where the reactions of man to familiar things are all different from those he has known.
The dictates of such a service would require Raoul to spend the rest of his life outside of France, hence Athos's and Grimaud's extreme reactions.
I seemed able to capture new reactions, new suggestions, and even new rhythms for my paragraphs.