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But Sarbin and Carney do show how this was a concept embraced by Kantor and related to his idea of the reactional biography.
Among the patients of PNL, an interesting fact that we noted was that this form of disease is also prone to reactional states.
You may have stress-induced reactional hyperphagia, which is defined as the abnormal increased appetite for consumption of food.
Reversal reaction and erythema nodosum leprosum are two reactional episodes that can occur in leprosy patients at any time during the disease.
i]: mass diffusivity of i-component of reactional mixture ([m.
Its reactional behavior could provide a predictive model for abortion providers as well.
Sero-reactivity was statistically significant in lepromatous and reactional cases (P < 0-001) and non-significant for BT/TT cases of leprosy (P = 0-182).
Kou TT, Chan HL: Severe reactional state in lepromatous leprosy simulating sweet's syndrome.
The diagnostic hypothesis was reactional tuberculoid leprosy (Figure 1).
Referred to as reactional episodes, there are two distinct types: reversal reactions (RR) and erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL).
On the other hand, it was experimentally shown (8) from SEC measurements, that the average number molecular weight, [overline{Mn}], increases linearly with the reactional time as: