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But in effect, criticism of reactionaries simply plays into the hands of revolutionaries: if avoiding the pitfalls of revolution and reaction means we instead have to favor the present, this often means merely adjusting to the world as created by revolutionaries.
All this was of no concern to the reactionaries in the White House.
And in The New Republic, Lind, a Texan, decried how rich Southern reactionaries had taken over the Republican Party in a coup and were now promising to refashion the nation in the image of the old South, with its culture of racism and political economy of low taxes and lower wages.
Continued Fitrakis and Wasserman, "Berlet describes CNP members as not only traditional conservatives, but also nativists, xenophobes, white racial supremacists, homophobes, sexists, militarists, authoritarians, reactionaries and 'in some cases outright neo-fascists.
Most important, it is to be a faithful believer in what is clearly a post-Christian age, for Christians are now the paradigmatic reactionaries.
The Japanese reactionaries have long worked hard to revive militarism through the world's second biggest military spending.
In the realm of political economy, these Southern reactionaries preferred the Old Deal that had existed between the end of Reconstruction and the Great Depression: a laissez-faire economy with minimal federal regulation.
Imagine Morris West and Marlo Puzo cowriting The Shoes of the Godfather, and you've got the general thrust of this entertaining fictional account of the Machiavellian machinations behind the election of a pro-feminist pontiff who must face the wrath of right-wing reactionaries.
Rather than the progressives they want to be seen as, they are in fact reactionaries fighting against the winds of change.
The reactionary crusade to legislate the traditional family--or at least the gender power relations of the traditional family--has met widespread acceptance, in large part because reactionaries have been able to control public discussions.
The researchers hold up this thesis, which is gaining adherents among Asian reactionaries, as a way of deflecting charges of racism.