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23) Ayatollah Khomeyni, Collection of Speeches, Position Statements, [translations from "Najaf Min watha `iq al-Imam al-Khomeyni did al-Quwa al Imbiriyaliyah wa al-Sahyuniyah wa al-Raj'iyah" (From the Papers of Imam Khomeyni Against Imperialist, Zionist and Reactionist Power), 1977] Translations on Near East and North Africa, no.
10) It has repeatedly advanced the opinion that the reactionist elements are continuing with their anti-secular activities and that the level of threat has never been so high in the history of the Turkish Republic.
It has not died, in spite of political suppression in chaotic ages such as the Gang-of-Four's policy of 'The more knowledge one has, the more reactionist he is'.