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The gene OCT4 is essential and must be reactivated to induce pluripotency using only chemicals.
The models of deadly weapons seen here were reactivated by the thug
This is expected to take a few days and once obtained this will allow our bank accounts to be reactivated.
It was the first time since the start of the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in March that a utility reactivated a nuclear reactor that went offline due to a technical problem.
Pertamina Exploration and Production (EP) has recently reactivated one of its abandoned South Kutai Lama (SKL) wells in East Kalimantan through its Sangasanga Tarakan unit, with early production showing 150 bopd, the company said in a statement.
During December 2010 High Plains Gas reactivated 52 of the newly acquired idle wells.
BETFAIR are warning customers with an account that has remained inactive for 13 months that they will face a charge for the administration of it unless it becomes reactivated.
After the ownership and management of Jugohrom was taken over by the Russian holding company Camelot Group, six electrical furnaces for production of ferro alloys have been reactivated.
Although 10 human receptor proteins have been identified, the researchers found that only two of them, TLR7 and TLR8, reactivated the virus, allowing it to reproduce itself.
EVERY time Jean-Claude Van Damme's career hits a dead end, Luc Deveraux is reactivated to boost his floundering CV.
The gun had been reactivated by the killer who bought a spare part from the internet before downloading instructions and reactivating it himself.
Reactivated guns, made "safe" by collectors but often reactivated by criminal gangs, can be bought legally.