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Apart from SKL, the Sangasanga Tarakan unit has reactivated 13 other structures with 110 wells in an 13,347-hectare area of Kutai-Kertanegara.
Reactivated guns have been used in a number of high-profile murders including Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando.
Cameras at four Valley intersections were deactivated in June, and three of them will be reactivated over the next three months - at Victory and Laurel Canyon boulevards in April, DeSoto Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard in June and Van Nuys Boulevard and Nordhoff Street in July.
Mitchell, a trained engineer from Brighton, who is serving time for gunrunning, sold scores of the reactivated guns to a cartel of six major Scots gangland figures, including Ferris.
Experts still do not know exactly how the herpes virus is reactivated.
Ruch continued, "(I would) much rather have reactivated donors on there than just brand new donors," said Ruch.
The 9mm gun used by George was a reactivated pistol or a blank-firing weapon converted to fire live ammunition.
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have erased and successfully reactivated memories in rats, offering hope that the same can be achieved with humans, The Telegraph reported.
The value of the contract is dependent upon the amount of carbon that is reactivated annually, which is expected to be approximately 11 million lbs (5,000 MT).
s Genkai power plant in southwestern Japan's Saga Prefecture became fully operational Friday, after it was reactivated earlier in the week following a one-month hiatus caused by a technical glitch, the utility said.
25, 2010, SPA -- A rare and dangerous reaction to a range of common medicines including antibiotics and anticonvulsants may be caused by a severe immune response to reactivated herpes virus, scientists said on Wednesday.