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If his PNP chief continues to lead through gimmicky mascots and made-for-TV bluster, not even reactivating the hated PC would be enough.
The Reactivating Body Serum is sold separately starting at $42.
Edano said at a press conference that temporarily reactivating the Oi reactors "could be taken as allowing them to operate when (electricity) is in short supply, even though they may not be safe.
BEIRUT: Public Works and Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi met Monday with a delegation from the public and private sectors and held talks focusing on reactivating the common transportation plan already set by the Transportation Ministry.
We are pleased to be reactivating operations in Cote d Ivoire and to be able to provide the country with the support it needs as it begins its recovery process towards a path of sustained economic growth, he added.
The gun had been reactivated by the killer who bought a spare part from the internet before downloading instructions and reactivating it himself.
In November 2004, we reported that the Navy and Marine Corps had only recently begun the process to establish validated Naval Surface Fire Support requirements that address the overall capabilities needed, that the cost and schedule for reactivating and modernizing two Iowa class battleships had not been fully developed, and that fielding of a replacement Naval Surface Fire Support capability has been delayed.
Bill Dodson said he has concerns about a decommissioned power plant substation in La Crescenta that Glendale officials are considering reactivating.
Jurors heard the Greenwoods claim they legally sold all the items and had never offered customers advice on reactivating the guns, instead reminding them of current gun legislation.
Components for reactivating them were widely available from US-based companies on the Internet and that could 'change the nature and scale of the threat from criminals looking to reactivate or convert firearms in the UK'.
He later refuses to say how much money the effort raised and tells reporters he has no intention of reactivating the organization.
Settlers initially will focus on restoring its license to sell insurance in states outside of Virginia and reactivating the agent network idled by the receivership, Michael W.