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CMV reactivation with bone marrow suppression and lung involvement were impressed.
The pathogenesis is related to specific drugs, especially aromatic anticonvulsants, altered immune response, sequential reactivation of the human herpesviruses, and association with human leukocyte antigen alleles.
The potential for reactivation wasn't studied in these drugs' developmental phases, since coinfected patients were always excluded from the clinical trials, the agency noted.
The mechanism through which HBV reactivation occurs with DAAs is currently unknown.
Major Finding: The number of episodes of breakthrough reactivation was highest in the no-treatment group at 28.
This report describes the case of a 70-year-old male patient with multiple myeloma that was treated with bortezomib and subsequently developed bilateral herpes zoster reactivation along two separate dermatomes.
Furthermore, the ELISA test for VZV IgG, IgM, and IgA was positive, confirming a virus reactivation.
Genital herpes is caused by a reactivation of herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) and is generally treated as a lesion in one specific area of the genital region.
As part of the summer offer, Etisalat will not charge any additional fee for reactivations, said the statement.
The causality of sepsis, consecutive CMV reactivation, and CMV-associated pulmonary disease is supported by a mouse model of murine CMV reactivation after cecal ligation and puncture (8,9).
Also, patients who had been in ICU <7 days were excluded because CMV reactivation and CMV-associated illness were expected to develop with a time delay.
The "data suggest that anti-HSV therapy, although clinically effective, does not substantially alter the underlying pathobiology of frequent, subclinical HSV-2 reactivation.