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Mr Whitehorn will work with management specifically on EventsTag, a live social media feed for consumers, brands and businesses, and one of three product packages offered by Crowd Reactive.
Working with end customers and partner organisations, Reactive Technologies delivers an unrivalled, cloud-based DSM service (Tradenergy) that enables flexibility and control in energy management and allows access to a broader range of demand management revenue streams.
The relationship between reactive thrombocytosis and evidence of having a strong in vitro thrombotic tendency (MA >80 mm) was analysed by multivariable logistic regression after adjusting for clinical and laboratory variables that were associated with a P value <0.
A new reactive diluent, tetra(2,7-octadienyl) titanate, is proposed for air-drying, high-solid alkyd paints.
a reactive treponemal test and a non-reactive non-treponemal result) that is not produced with the traditional algorithm (unless a clinician specifically requests a TPPA despite a nonreactive non-treponemal test).
In this article the combined reactive power market model is proposed, encompassed with regulated financial compensation of the costs for reactive power sources and value-based reactive power pricing.
Most data from farmer paddocks are for reactive Fe since the mid 1970s, and both reactive Fe and PRI since the mid 1980s.
7) Most of the perpetrators in the reactive cases examined by the FBI's Miami office fell into the child-oriented category.
Gender was negatively correlated with ethnicity, parents' Reactive involvement in homework, and self-efficacy.
There is a need for new analytical techniques to measure the products of indoor chemistry that are short-lived, highly reactive, thermally labile, or highly oxidized--"stealth" chemicals.
By volume, this new genre consists mainly of substances already present in the atmosphere, only now they are being added to in unfathomable quantities--and they belong to the reactive families.
In the area of new products, Mitsui has recently been granted a patent for the application of hot melt and reactive hot melt adhesives on textiles.