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Before our move to HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software with solid state, service levels were being compromised and substantial time was spent moving between tiers reactively," said Ken Kirchoff, director, Unix Systems and Storage, Priceline.
The office of FTO is working both proactively and reactively to provide relief to the business community of the country in matters relating to tax collection, payment of rebate etc, he added.
reactively, the company said, and it will not filter tweets to automatically
When it comes to the compliance risks surrounding retirement plans, companies are "tackling some issues reactively rather than proactively," according to a new survey by auditor Towers Watson.
8220;The recent recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in reference to using mobile devices while driving is clear evidence that proactively working to improve driver safety and prevent auto accidents is paramount to reactively picking up the pieces of a tragedy,” says Ben Martin, moderator of NIAN.
The new rescue fund will also have the power to intervene proactively -- as soon as signs emerge that the financial sector's stability could be put at risk -- rather than reactively, after a bank has started to fail.
Topics discussed include phase array concepts and relations, arrays with beam-forming networks, coupled dual-mode waveguides, reactively loaded radiators, protruding dielectric elements and arrays with strip, disk and wire structures.
As part of ACE's 20th anniversary year in 2011, we are seeking to develop the regional presence of ACE, both proactively in more formal ways but also reactively, in listening to and working with individuals and groups across the country.
Negandhi and Zhu have developed a novel composition consisting of a polyphthalamide reactively extruded with another polyamide, a polyester, and a modifier.
While social media has gained infamy in recent times as the harbinger of PR death, PR practitioners can reign in the uncertainty by pro-actively, not reactively, engaging both friends and enemies.
By using the company's powerful predictive modeling service, lenders and servicers can proactively determine risk levels for mortgage loans and take decisive action to prevent delinquencies, defaults and foreclosures, rather than reactively responding to troubled loans after the loan is already at risk, according to Retreat Capital Management.
change terms) reactively, particularly when a consumer demonstrates financial hardship," the BIS and ACG said.