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Reactively compatibilized blends prepared by varying the content of dispersed phase from 5 to 50 phr and maintaining the optimized proportion of EBA: EBA-g-[MAH.
XPEDITER/DevEnterprise will result in enormous benefits for organizations looking to manage their IT environment proactively, instead of reactively, by providing total impact analysis.
The LAPD is one of the last police departments to only use detectives reactively.
The barrier material has similar etch properties to niobium so that it is possible to reactively etch uniform vertical stacks and three-dimensional structures.
Under what circumstances should companies attempt to shape industry structure and conduct, and when is it better to reactively adapt to industry changes over time?
Out of this fertile soil, the seed for a specific plan is born either proactively as a part of a strategic plan or reactively as the potential solution to a specific problem.
Failure to upgrade proactively is likely to put an owner in the position of upgrading reactively during a period of negotiation, should the owner be successful in even attracting a tenant.
Investigators handled each crime reactively, case by case.
Aggressive market expansion advocates on Capitol Hill complain that business only responds reactively and does not do the day-to-day spade work necessary to educate the American people and change the minds of unconvinced legistators.
The media relations office of the Phoenix fore department responds both reactively and pro-actively to deliver three types of information to the public.
Participants will explore why these occur, mismanagement and its alternatives, and how staff can respond proactively rather than reactively.