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When part 1 and 2 react by themselves, the sand becomes less flowable.
To react is to trigger the "fight or flight" syndrome.
smog, the soupy mix of unburned and partially burned hydrocarbons reacts with hydroxyl radicals and oxygen to form organic peroxides.
The preceding curve was generated by applying the formula, [Mathematical Expression Omitted] where T = time to react the rubber particle and D = average particle diameter.
Currently, ReClaim has in commercial distribution its patented recycled product RePave(TM) a permanent all weather pothole patch, and ReActs HMA(TM) an additive/modifier used to produce ReClaim's patented formula for a high performance hot mix asphalt pavement.
The diminutive creature reacts not as if it sees a stranger, as many researchers had assumed.
While none of the tested coatings fulfilled all the requirements, Davis found that magnesium reacts with the moisture released by the sodium silicate binder and the silica and oxygen to produce magnesium oxide which reacts with the silica in the binder to form an interfacial layer of magnesium silicate.
In equation 1, two amino radicals react to form an intermediate which in turn reacts with the alkoxy radical to form diazo products.
Ancarez 300A reacts directly with aliphatic or cycloaliphatic amine curing agents and reportedly achieves good storage stability in blends with epoxy resin (polyamide and aromatic amine curing agents are not recommended with this product).
The extremely realistic Roboraptor interacts and reacts to his owner and surrounding environment based on his mode and mood.
The laboratory mustard Arabidopsis thaliana reacts with a burst of nitric oxide when it encounters certain compounds from bacterial cells, says Jorg Durner of GSF-National Research Center for Environment and Health in Neuherberg, Germany.
Because oxygen is not soluble in molten aluminum, it rapidly reacts with these trace elements and forms complex compounds.