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Quantitatively speaking, one molecule of water can react with two molecules of isocyanate.
To react is to trigger the "fight or flight" syndrome.
smog, the soupy mix of unburned and partially burned hydrocarbons reacts with hydroxyl radicals and oxygen to form organic peroxides.
The preceding curve was generated by applying the formula, [Mathematical Expression Omitted] where T = time to react the rubber particle and D = average particle diameter.
Upon postcuring, additional isocyanate can react with the urea to give biuret or with the urethane to give allophanate.
Other plants react to the insect polymer called chitin.
2] observed in the pump residue indicates that some gaseous, liquid and solid products of degassing can flow along the furnace launder system and react with other elements and compounds, both from the melt and the refractory material.
When sulfur dioxide--which reacts with water vapor in the air to form sulfuric acid--wasn't abundant over Houston, the aerosols weren't so prevalent.
This O, in turn, reacts with the dissolved Mg, forming Mg oxide that then floats out of the molten iron.