read back

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You're not required to read back any of the specifics.
High-powers are common for each of the many Hawkeye squadrons on the flight line, so the read back of "Charlie, Charlie one, Echo" was a common radio call.
Members of the jury, I have discussed with the attorneys your request to have certain testimony read back to you.
It examines the options available to the court and parties when such a read back request is made.
Big Brother then read back her remarks about "Shilpa Poppadom".
Before leaving the patient's room, the resident would read back the orders to the attending physician, and the attending would sign the orders only if they were correct.
Participants used the drop-in Borough Road centre's resource room, which has equipment that gives users access to job papers, scanners that read back text and printers that print in braille.
Maxell also randomly performs a series of tests with data written to the tape, read back, erased and then read again to ensure that the erase procedure was successful and no remnant data remains on the tape.
But while Pettibon's stories extend in different directions through a cluster of individual pages, Sasnal's work is open to a sequential reading, though one charged with cross-references, capable of being read back and forth.
Again, a later desire to locate the true text of Shakespeare seems to dissolve when i t is read back into the publishing conditions of the early seventeenth century.
When ready to proofread, the user simply has Naturally Speaking read back the text.