read back

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As one can see through the case law cited below, the decision of the trial court to grant or deny a read back has generally been upheld as long as the court 1) does not tell or lead the jury to believe it is not allowed to have testimony read back; 2) does not have a portion of the testimony read back that is misleading or out of context; or 3) refuses to exercise its discretion.
Mathews says he read back stories dozens of times at the Crimson and never had anyone argue that the thrust of a piece was wrong.
the jury asked the court to read back portions of the transcript in which defendant Dr.
Bryant sighed after practice the other day when some of Sore Throat's quotes were read back to him.
The MFM technology is combined with a Magnetic Super Resolution (MSR) masking technology that enables read back of very high densities.
During deliberations, the jury asked that transcripts of testimony from McKinzie, Johnson and Gladney be read back.
That electronic text is displayed on the system's monitor and simultaneously read back to the user with OmniPage's integrated text-to-speech technology, empowering blind and vision-impaired veterans to "read" printed text.
These codes will be used later during read back in order to ensure error free data expected of CD media.
With a couple of keystrokes, the computer read back the phrase as he had erroneously typed, allowing him to detect the mistake and correct it.
Salesboom is also planning on releasing a keyboard-to-voice engine integrated into the Salesboom system, which would allow users with visual impairments to have the Salesboom CRM system read back the data that was input.
Al Steigerwald is putting together a stable of actors who will appear at civil trials to read back depositions of witnesses who can't appear in person.
By adding the ability to read back person names, numbers and a range of commands VoCon Mobile now creates the most comprehensive and versatile voice interface available for mobile devices.