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Written and produced by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil, recorded and performed entirely by KSM, Read Between the Lines is the debut CD for the all-female teen quintet.
This was a direct challenge to the assumption that truth can be read between the lines, and an implicit riposte to the argument that art can have a political effect.
If we read between the lines, the benefits that would be gained from building such a project are not all that obvious.
Meanwhile their 20-part reality-based web series, "KSM: Read Between The Lines Presented by ACUVUE[R] Brand Contact Lenses," premiered earlier this month (www.
The historical figures who were known to be gay weren't much comfort either, You couldn't glean who they were as political and social entities through their sexuality, It was hinted at, but you had to read between the lines, And reading between the lines is discouraging.