read incorrectly

See: misread
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Then the idea seized him that he had read incorrectly, and that the appointment was for eleven o'clock.
Catrin Millar, a spokesman for British Gas, said: "Mr Walker's meter was read incorrectly by a representative of a meter reading company, resulting in an incorrect bill being issued.
If you are at all worried your blood has been read incorrectly, don't stop taking your medication.
The horror of the discovery was compounded by the reason: The earlier test results she had gotten weren't just read incorrectly.
Sales circulars and loyalty discounts are constantly changing and some promotions, such as buy one item, get a different for free, can be read incorrectly, causing confusion amongst employees and customers.
Meanwhile ultrasounds do not reveal a baby's outward genitalia, and therefore the gender, until well into the second trimester, and even then they can often be read incorrectly.
If this adjustment is off, the bubble level will read incorrectly when you take aim at significant uphill and downhill angles.
9 per minute (range, 0-4), and the mean number of nonsense words read incorrectly was 7.
There are many instances of angles being read incorrectly be the engineer, the machinist, and then the inspector.
The words she read incorrectly or words that were unknown to her were words that were placed on three sets of word lists.
Using thought bubbles for actual dialogue is strike one and having them read incorrectly from right to left is strike two.
Also, the gyro has a nasty habit of precessing, and can read incorrectly if not checked and caged frequently.