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Of course, no one can read minds, but you can always do the next best thing: You can become more familiar with what's going on in a customer's mind by being aware of personality types, generational factors and basic psychology.
But before you get too disappointed, there are ways in which humans can read minds using our "normal" (as opposed to "paranormal") senses.
Using a special Vatican charism that allows him to read minds from 7,000 miles away, Navarro-Valls pronounced Gore's statement to be signification contrary to Gore's mind.
Slan (1946) concerns mutant humans who can read minds, and The World of A (1948, later The World of Null-A, 1953), deals with inhabitants of Venus who are conditioned semantically by the "null-A," or non-Aristotelian, doctrines of Alfred Korzybski.
People cannot read minds, and it is up to us to tell people the truth when they ask us how we are.
The new 20Q games, 20Q Themes, will feature new questions and more answers to read minds and astound sports fans, music lovers and movie enthusiasts.
He told surreal jokes, did all the usual magician's card tricks, and read minds, too.
They're cold and calculating, and possess supernatural abilities that allow them to read minds and manipulate people.
Today, individuals with such psychic power or ability to see the future, communicate with the spirits, read minds, hear voices or speak in strange unfamiliar language are considered by mainstream science to be mentally deranged, or suffering from either visual or auditory hallucination.
In her latest film The Lazarus Effect, when her fiance brings her character Zoe back to life, she can read minds and has a fatally aggressive personality.