read the future

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she said, and we both laughed at the notion - so little did we read the future.
Had he known what further the boy contemplated he would doubtless have entirely abandoned his own scheme of revenge and aided the boy whole heartedly in the consummation of the lad's, which would have been better for Paulvitch, could he have but read the future but a few short hours ahead.
I was further surprised to read the Future Movement's vehement response to the Hizbollah chief's anti-Saudi rhetoric, which cut to the core of the problem.
Michel Aoun be the only candidate for the presidency or else the [presidential] vacuum would continue," read the Future bloc statement, issued following its weekly meeting.
Whether enhancements to tactile graphics can be made by optimizing the scale of graphics, refining materials and designs of graphics, or providing individuals who are visually impaired more experience interacting with such graphics are all areas of research in which I am genuinely interested, and I am excited to read the future work of the authors.
I'm not going to try and read the future because I'm not very good at that.
Shaikh Mohamed added that foreseeing future trends is one of the pillars of sustainable development, reiterating that "We are trying to read the future needs and challenges carefully, based on a scientific approach, especially regarding the development and economic side which requires the boosting of energy and looking continuously for alternatives through supporting scientific innovations and the research projects of citizens.
Anyone who can read the future can see that this project has a decade, less than a decade to go, and it is our faith that the people of Palestine can then return to Palestine.
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Nsour, a vocal critic of previous governments, said His Majesty had read the future well and predicted the mammoth events taking place in the region well in advance, becoming the first to advocate reform that began with constitutional amendments.
Davidbench: I've read the future in the bottom of my coffee cup and it says "don't buy a latte from there again".
Making future predictions is not an exact science - no-one can read the future, after all-so you have to be confident in trusting your gut instinct to a degree.