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PIGNORIS CAPIO, ROM. civil law. The name given to one of the legis actiones of the Roman law. It consisted chiefly in the taking. of a pledge, and was in fact a mode of execution. It was confined to special cases determined by positive law or by custom, such as taxes, duties, rents, &c., and is comparable in some respects to distresses at common law. The proceeding took place in the presence of a praetor.

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Since the establishment of the ARMS foundry in 1999, JMAR has played a key role in the installation and implementation of that foundry's chip fabrication processes, which include Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) gate array, Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory (EEPROM), and radiation tolerant ultra-thin silicon technologies.
Today, Microchip offers more than 212 PICmicro devices in reprogrammable (Flash), one-time-programmable (OTP) and read-only memory (ROM) program memory configurations.
Storing application code in Flash rather than Read-Only Memory (ROM) greatly increases the flexibility of the card by allowing personalization of generic products, software upgrades and post-issuance downloads.