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This year, local Banned Books Read-Outs will occur at the Springfield Library (Saturday) and the Eugene Library (Sept.
Of course, the traditional circular dials are familiar characteristics within the Mini family and these offer clear and larger-than-life read-outs at all times.
The driver can select from three different driving modes to help achieve maximum efficiency and the instrumentation offers constant read-outs and performance updates.
MORE than 400 fake digital thermometers have been seized in raids amid fears lives are being put at risk by inaccurate read-outs.
Admittedly, it doesn't have quite so many fancy buttons and read-outs as some of the more luxurious 4x4s on our roads today, but when those owners are reluctant to take their pride and joy out on the icy winter roads, the Outlander driver will be getting from A to B no matter what Mother Nature throws in its path.
The Breeze also has an electronic monitoring system that provides read-outs of speed and distance, as well an auto-stop if a cable hits an obstruction and includes an emergency stop facility.
Instruments come easily to hand and dials and trip-computer read-outs are clearly presented.
What TWM calls "live bus information" - the electronic read-outs in the shelters - is presumably designed to counter this frustration.
I had become suspicious of the extraordinary fuel consumption read-outs I was getting after the first few fill ups.
Carton size changes are now made in minutes by a combination of simple changeparts, handwheels with digital read-outs and touch-screen control.
And the multi info display provides Type R specific read-outs like acceleration time, lap time and boost pressure.