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The Flesch readability formula is the most accepted measure for reviewing textual difficulty (Clatworthy and Jones, 2001).
There are many other types of measures and many programs that quickly automate readability measures, as well as more advanced measures such as sentiment analysis, an algorithm that determines if the writing contains different sentiments (e.
How do text readability measures compare when mapped onto grade-specific science curriculum standards?
Chapter 3, "Grammar and Readability," analyzes the effect of grammatical complexity, ambiguity, and linking of information, which are central notions in the authors' approach to readability.
Authors and publishers utilize readability indices to quantify the reading grade level at which a typical student can read a text.
A Kruskall Wallis test was used to determine if differences existed in the average readability level, sentence structure, and average number of displayed graphics between disease sites.
A convenience sample of 36 dental patient education brochures was obtained from private dental practices, a dental school and research facility to determine the readability level.
To accurately analyze the articles for several of the readability measures, the text was extracted as plain text and all tables, figures, headers, bullet point symbols, addresses, phone numbers, citations, and any other information unrelated to the educational text were removed.
These results are of concern because poor readability might prevent or delay adoption of appropriate health-seeking behaviors, prolong ineffective self-care strategies, and perpetuate stigmatizing attitudes toward Ebola.
From the point of view of software maintenance, in [15], they enumerate about twenty different elements that affect the readability of source code of a computer program, and in [16], an evaluation expression for measuring element readability is proposed.
Nurses can use the transcripts available with some audio and video recordings to assess the readability level of the information provided during the recordings.