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The Readable Bible New Testament will be available in 2018, the complete Bible in 2020.
The Government of India has been issuing Machine Readable Passports since 2001 and the facility was made available in the UAE missions in March 2006.
The countries where machine readable passport has not been provided to Pakistanis residing there may include Brazil, Dublin, Argentina, Abuga and Dackar and others", they explained.
The new 'Home Delivery of Machine Readable Passports' service will offer a swift, reliable, and secure option to the applicants and will deliver their passports at their given home addresses.
Meanwhile, we will align ourselves with the embassy's instructions and ensure convenience to Bangladeshi expatriates in getting their machine readable passports processed easily.
The applicant stated that about 7,500 overseas Pakistanis in China were facing hardships because of non-availability of Machine Readable Passports in Pakistan Embassy, China.
He said that a community delegation headed by Haji Daraz Khan had informed him about the precarious situation of the community in obtaining Machine Readable Passports.
Voice, SMS and individual email communication can be intercepted and monitored by Security Agencies in readable format," India's Press Information Bureau (PIB) said in a Friday statement.
The Readable Code and Regs, as the name suggests, is designed to aid the relative newcomer or veteran rusty on a particular topic with more intuitive language, without sacrificing any nuance of the original.
In addition, the company's Sunlight Readable Technology uses an active anti-reflective process to block reflected light, increasing visibility.
The new EXTER Sun Readable from Beijer Electronics (Schaumburg, IL), features a unique viewing performance for an intuitive HMI solution for outdoor environments.
Harold Ellens, who is at once a scholar, psychologist, and pastor, has brought all these points of view together in this very readable book and has woven them together with great skill, warmth, and charm.