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But the leftist arguments readably existed and heavily populated the Oromo internet.
If these data are not available from the manufacturer's books, they are readably available elsewhere.
The author has such a gift for presenting her learning clearly and readably that the reader never gets the impression that some complicated piece of transmission history or textual analysis is being included for its own sake.
Even on this live recording, Netopil separates out the voices much more audibly, emphasises some places with a minor and precisely estimated change of tempo, and articulates the different tracts of the music lucidly, readably and with ah eye to the overall structure.
To realistically empower citizens' abilities and engage them, governments have to supply accurate, pertinent performance information cogently and readably.
Complex issues of development, poverty, and development-resistant poverty have never been elucidated so readably.
Peter Kreeft has taken a preemptive strike at that moment for his family by writing this short, readably warm book, "Before I Go: Letters to Our Children about What Really Matters.
If a same-gender teaching assistant or same-gender teacher were not readably available, an easy solution would be to allow a same-gender peer to assist the child with the disability.
Maurice (2006), while very readably allusive and wide-ranging in every sense, depends considerably on earlier ethnographic literature, and is consequently not himself strong on precise species identification.
Melanie Oppenheimer draws extensively on Narrelle's letters to family (usually signed off 'Oceans of Love') to provide Narrelle's perspective and she diligently, competently and, very readably, fills in the historical framework.
He describes how he and Anne 'scrambled up the learning curve of life in the countryside' humorously, thoughtfully and readably, in his two books.
In its denial, the agency noted two features of the process that properly led it to reject the low bid: (1) unless the data was formally submitted, it was "not readably [sic] accessible" (2) to the agency for further confirmation and evaluation; and (2) the bidder was not locked into its representations on the report unless the "submit" button was hit.