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To challenge the economics of traditional publishing arrangements, Cohen and Rosenzweig concurrently released the text of their digital history guide in a freely accessible and readably formatted web version, as well as in the traditional paper form for sale published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.
Written in a distinctly personal voice, the book covers a lot of territory very readably, even if Johnson does flit from topic to topic like a butterfly in a flower garden.
Jewish Science, presented very readably and comprehensively in this volume, can serve as an important resource for better understanding this contemporary trend.
Example: One mother brought her 9-year-old son "Frank" to me at the request of his teacher who reported that he seemed "entirely unmotivated to write readably.
In sum, Dowson persuasively and readably sets forth long lasting links between the end of the nineteenth and the mid-twentieth century in terms of women poets.
These chapters very readably convey a good sense of the writer's situation and networks of contact.
This translation, however, is more interestingly and readably presented as stanzaic verse where each explanatory stanza is followed by an example of the type of poetry just cataloged.
The main body of the book narrates the events readably and with great zest, ranging across the tactics of the two presidential campaigns, the decisions of county and state officials, the dramas in state trial courts, the all-but-forgotten "sideshows" in federal district and appeals courts, the briefs and oral arguments before the two supreme courts, and the running media and professional commentary at every stage of the story.
In general, all students are required to write and submit their test questions clearly, straightforwardly, readably, and accessibly to most participants in the class.
readably and plausibly turns the formidable 4th- and 5th-century bishop into a companionable, compassionate, sometimes compelling practical and spiritual guide.
This colourful story is told, very readably and with great learning, by Campbell Ross, an authority on the man and his times.
Regarding graphics, non-glare pastel blue and green backgrounds with black print tend to project most readably.