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These results provided empirical evidence to deepen the constructivist approach of IOs in their efforts to permanently readapt to the international environment and, at the same time, participate in the configuration of the international scene (defining categories of problems and creating norms, interests, actors, and shared social tasks).
The walk has been organised by drug and alcohol charity Cais to launch its Change Step scheme to help veterans readapt to civilian life.
Allen's inclusion at the expense of Joe Screen, who struggled to readapt to the demands of top-flight racing, gives Bees a more solid look in their middle-order and should take some pressure off Grzegorz Zengota - and they should always be guaranteed two strong reserves.
They have a very high risk of relapse due to stretching of the supra-alveolar and transeptal gingival fibers which readapt very slowly to the new position.
As is befitting of a show informed by the ever-present insecurity and danger that Israel faces, Hatufim is more about the drama of men trying to readapt to a world that left them for dead and moved on, even as it becomes clear that the liberated prisoners have secrets of consequence.
The program has traditionally been used to readapt prisoners to work situations and to teach usable skills prior to release.
Nor did the Herskovitses ever unpack the "Hindu" magic books from the De Laurence Company mentioned above, that Ned and other Spiritual Baptists used and that refer us to broader European, Indian, and African American attempts to reimagine, readapt, and incorporate "the mysteries of the East," perhaps along the lines of the Theosophical tradition.
According to him, nature has a tendency to maintain a continuous state of stability, and therefore continuously adapt and readapt its elements to maintain a balance.
He's not taken long to readapt to the conventions of the Premier League.
Given how human nature always breeds fear and suspicion of the unknown, it will take as long again for us to readapt and make it work, meaning we must build bridges not walls