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This research was supported by the Programme de soutien aux cliniciens pour la recherche of the Institut de readaptation en deficience physique de Quebec.
centre de readaptation, clinique privee), etaient rarement invites a participer au PI scolaire.
As post mission attention is one of the weak points of the model (Europa Press, 2012), it is necessary to develop measures favoring readaptation to national territory of deployed personnel, mainly those who presented adaptive difficulties or who were involved in critical or dangerous situations.
Valentini, ER6-Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 06) ; Medecine Physique et de Readaptation Hopital Rothschild, 5 rue Santerre 75012 Paris, France; francoise.
The scale regarding the Readaptation to Home Culture on a Personal Level was created by Brabant, Palmer and Gramling (1990) to research the problems that confront foreign students with family and friends, in particular, and daily life, in general, following their sojourn to an American campus.
Analysis of the visual-motor task once again demonstrates a difference in readaptation of the two age groups in Test III.
According to the document, the penal policy in Bulgaria suffers from inadequacy of criminological expertise, data on crime dynamics, and innovative strategies in social readaptation of delinquents and criminals.
Roche Didier, Centre de Readaptation de Mulhouse, France; Justo Lutegarda, Domingos Rosa, both Fundacao AFID, Portugal.
It's a process of readaptation of a denture to the underlining tis- sues by replacing the denture base material with a new one without changing its occlusal relation.
So, despite the interesting theoretical heuristics that they proposed, the Herskovitses maintained that the processes of reinterpretation and readaptation helped to "retain the inner meanings of traditionally sanctioned modes of behavior while adopting new outer institutional forms" (TV vi).
With every pass between the sheer optical plane and the thick world of things, the image undergoes a process of aesthetic readaptation that steadily builds on itself, while drawing in references from every side.