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Moyes will be in the hunt for another striker and a midfielder in January's loan market, and is unsure whether simply signing a new front man would readdress the imbalance behind recent poor results.
However, I am pleased that after a period during which attention was consumed by the demands of the bank's balance sheet and by our existing portfolio of investments, we are now in a position to readdress our medium term goal of introducing a range of funds into the business.
These shifts are driving the need to readdress if a firm's current time and billing system is meeting their needs.
It takes our desire to readdress the idea of leadership in design.
I recommend retailers readdress the balance--and quickly.
He argues that the Defense Department needs to readdress its funding strategy based on the gross domestic product (GDP).
WAG should either be employing more teachers to help to alleviate this problem, or readdress the way it spends its funds.
His aim is to readdress closeted writing, largely dismissed in recent years, in addition to authorial intention.
Can I readdress a report, or change the name of the client, but otherwise give the same report to another client?
Even when one did readdress the gay experience, like Haynes in Far From Heaven, it was typically as part of a much larger whole.
I had to readdress the reflection and ask them to dig deeper.
Another ongoing development that has led us to readdress the issue of ototoxicity is the ever-increasing amount of malpractice litigation in the United States and Canada.