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See Advisory Opinion 25, Clarification of the Client in a Federally Related Transaction; Advisory Opinion 26, Readdressing (Transferring) a Report to Another Party; and Advisory Opinion 27, Appraising the Same Property for a New Client.
I want to look at all of the data available, the costs associated with opening (Arroyo) now, based on the new information regarding enrollment, before I would even consider readdressing the issue of reopening Arroyo,'' said board member Janice DiFatta.
Then, as I'm working on this essay, the shots arrive, and I am frightened to see that they show Elizabeth readdressing the painting, brush in hand.
Thanks to these, and to similar projects, our nation is now beginning to turn a cultural tide by readdressing the way we go about our businesses.
InterAct Public Safety Systems, a supplier of public safety technology systems used by local, state, national and international government agencies, today announced that the Susquehanna County 911 Department in northeastern Pennsylvania will leverage InterAct's geographic information system (GIS) technologies in a countywide mapping and readdressing project.
While Struthers did not immediately dismiss readdressing the topic, he stressed the matter has already been considered.
All our cashiers are trained to check customer bank cards - and we are readdressing procedures in the light of this incident.
If painting was not in fact dead, the problem of readdressing it frankly, of criticizing it anew, had not yet been convincingly addressed.
Competitors seem to be concentrating their efforts on readdressing issues like DSL and UNE (Unbundled Network Elements) rates.
The Levy Board won't relish the prospect of readdressing the issue of whether rails bookmakers should be allowed to display prices, but the Board created the current sorry mess and must sort it out, soon.
Moreover, the attempt by the County to preclude public review of these documents by the artifice of simply readdressing them from Ms Wiercioch (then ET/MDP Project Manager) to Mr.
Hibbert Foy added: "I will be talking to Malcolm [Wallace] and saying that, after these three winners, there may well now be a strong argument for readdressing this problem.