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Readers give to a variety of causes for a variety of reasons, but they resoundingly agree that they want their donations to directly support their chosen causes and not administrative costs.
Using a Web browser, with no downloads required, readers can click on a link to view the magazine on their computer and simply leaf through magazine pages.
For example, in Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl, a contemporary, feminist telling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the reader confronts an image of the nude female body.
Retreats allow me to reconnect with old friends that I met either at another book function or via Internet book clubs," says Sharon McCalop, a reader from Dallas.
Someday, Ethan may pick up a magazine and read about how his brain compares with that of a precocious reader living halfway around the world.
In this role, Patricia is analogous both to the author and the reader.
It was sort of a mix-and-match of my drummer Roy Dodd's new recording equipment and my new equipment,'' Reader says.
The same could be said for selling a reader on reading your copy.
The adoption of FINREAD specifications is a key milestone for the smart card reader industry," said Robert Schneider, Chief Executive Officer at SCM Microsystems.
While Lagalla makes himself a reader rather than an observer, Galileo wants to make his readers into observers.
Green (1876) envisioned the transaction that occurred between the librarian and the reader would be like that of shopkeeper to customer: "A librarian should be as unwilling to allow an inquirer to leave the library with his question unanswered as a shopkeeper is to have a customer go out of his store without making a purchase" (p.