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The NMRS is commissioned each year by JICMARS (Joint Industry Committee of Medical Advertisers for Readership Surveys), a group of healthcare publishers and media buyer representatives.
John Sheppard, a veteran of the newspaper industry with Crossfire Marketing believes Readership Rewards will be the most popular loyalty program in the industry.
Print readership over seven days remained on par with the prior year at 349,412 adults over seven days, up 1.
The Globe and Mail continues to expand its readership among key demographics:
The Ipsos results show that the readership of publications has not been affected in this region and continues to be a major part of people's lives here.
While the overall readership of English dailies has declined by 3.
This year, 3072 adults were surveyed and results also showed that newspaper readership in the 18-24-year-old age group continues a steady decline, whether on-line or in print.
Jan Ford, Bill Pullen, 405/767-9090, FAX: 405/767-9094; Beck & Associates, Mike Beck, Bret Kealy, 800/284-6020, FAX: 952/854-4752; Beck & Associates, Bob Schenck, 800/464-2850, FAX: 630-497-8873 Readership study issue: December- Readex List rental: Contact Walter Karl 845-732-7054
However, switching to a bold type tends to lose half the readership.
The figures, released yesterday by the Joint National Readership Survey, also proved we outshine our dull competition in every department and reflect what the reader wants.
Feedback from our readership and the editorial board has indicated that our current coverage of the field of toxicogenomics might not be achieving the intended goals.