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"In today's highly competitive business environment only the GDN can offer advertisers a complete package which takes their messages from print to online and social media ensuring that they reach the widest possible readership and viewership for their products and services," said Mr Middleton.
Print nonschool books still showed strong readership as 76.75 percent of adults polled said they had read a print book in the last year.
Print readership over seven days remained on par with the prior year at 349,412 adults over seven days, up 1.8 percent, according to Scarborough Research data compiled for ABC.
The National Readership Survey is the gold standard of our industry, used by advertisers to gauge the reach of individual papers.
Jang has 51% of the total newspaper readership in the country and other publications in our portfoilio add on to this readership.
While the overall readership of English dailies has declined by 3.1 per cent, MAIL TODAY has shown an impressive growth of 8.6 per cent.
Readership increases steadily with higher earnings.
While online readership boosted the bottom line in all markets, many of the 29 dailies in the largest markets also showed increases in print readership.
Hannu Leinonen, Kauppalehti's executive editor-in-chief, explained that the increase in the readership is backed by the higher interest about what is happening in the economy and the revamp of the newspaper in early 2009.
Emirates Receives Prestigious Accolade For In-Flight Catering Emirates has been awarded 'Outstanding Food Service by a Carrier Middle East 2008' at the Pax International Magazine Readership Awards 2008.
Despite all the sturm und drang in the newspaper business, results from telephone surveys held last spring indicate that while overall daily newspaper readership is "down a bit," the daily paper continues as a steady habit for those 45-years or older.
In the July 2006 issue of this journal, Nelson (2006) analyzes data on alcohol advertising in magazines and youth readership and concludes that alcohol advertisements in these magazines are not targeted at underage youths.