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According to the survey, the Inquirer had a daily readership of 351,000 (47.
Print and online readership of the Star in the "read yesterday" category jumped by 4.
Critics posting to Nesbitt's blog kept asking the question: "How can readership be holding steady when circulation keeps dropping?
Chapters five and six focus on readership development programmes, while chapters seven and eight discuss readership development in practice, and focus on the outcomes of development programmes.
Of the approximately 250 national magazines that were monitored for advertising placement and readership composition during 2001-2005, 143 included alcohol advertising.
Jan Ford, Bill Pullen, 405/767-9090, FAX: 405/767-9094; Beck & Associates, Mike Beck, Bret Kealy, 800/284-6020, FAX: 952/854-4752; Beck & Associates, Bob Schenck, 800/464-2850, FAX: 630-497-8873 Readership study issue: December- Readex List rental: Contact Walter Karl 845-732-7054
The figures were reported in the TNS Worldwide Readership Survey, the company said.
The Irish Daily Star's readership only increased by 2.
EHP is continually evolving to meet the needs of our readership.
A new readership survey will be sent to members by e-mail.
I trust that the readership has enjoyed the published articles as much as I have.
All these conditions assume the long-term decline of newspaper readership in developed countries.