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The core argument of this fascinating study is that city-states in the late medieval and early modern periods typically had readier access to credit than did territorial states and that their relative success can be attributed primarily to their compact size and the presence of representative assemblies in which a merchant oligarchy was dominant.
Asked whether Macedonia is readier today than last year to open membership negotiations, he said: "Yes, but ...
But if you're lucky, Downton Abbey just might make you feel a bit readier to embrace your own life, whatever its problems, and a shade less envious of people with stratospheric wealth.
It seems readier to please the social partners especially the businessmen who had strongly opposed the budget.
Looking ahead, O'Connor said NPD's data has found that consumers are more confident and are readier to shop for home textiles than they have been since the Great Recession.
"As people get richer, as they get readier to stand up for their rights, as they are prepared to defy Communist Party officials who sell their land illegally to industrial establishments which then pollute their landscape, then the possibility of a democratic opening I think exists," said Roderick MacFarquhar, a Harvard-based China scholar from Britain.
Major suppliers, such as Nifco UK at Eaglescliffe, would like to see a readier supply of raw materials in the UK.
Perhaps it was perceived that she might be better off in a stable with readier access to high-class trial material.
"However, there can be no certainty that a less interventionist approach in Libya would have led to readier support from Russia and China for more vigorous condemnation of President Assad." The report hailed "extraordinary progress" in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia since the first uprisings began 18 months ago, but said that much more remains to be done and Britain must use its presidency of the G8 to ensure that the group makes good on earlier promises of 38 billion US dollars (24 billion pounds) to support reform in the area.
These inexpensive fabrics were initially manufactured by the Dutch in the nineteenth century for trade in the Far East, but found a readier market in Africa, to the point that today they index that continent.
As comparative philosophy, pragmatism has been a far readier Western partner for Confucianism than analytic philosophy, as indicated in the large body of work by Ames and Hall and by such books as Warren G.
Relationship experts feel most such divorces could have been avoided if the couples had been counselled before their marriages -- they could then have discussed their expectations from each other in detail prior to marriage and then they would have been more practical and readier to work on their marriages afterwards.