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This becomes Celie's readiest solution when she is advised by her step-father to keep silent about it: "you better not never tell nobody but God.
But in his own district a native is very differently situated; he knows exactly what it produces, the proper time the several articles are in season, and the readiest means of procuring them.
It is even possible that personalisation will create perverse incentives to institutionalisation, because residential services offer the readiest area of reliable profit for private-sector social care providers.
In fact, given the number of the beasts that arrive every year to mop up big races on these shores, it would be tempting to believe in the existence of a very long conveyor belt stretching all the way from the jumping heartland of south-western France to those British yards with the readiest supply of euros at their disposal.
And the trafficked females will be the readiest with the right answer, knowing that if they tell the truth they will face a beating.
Eliot's lapidary judgment still stands: 'Of all the Elizabethan dramatists Middleton seems the most impersonal, the most indifferent to fame and perpetuity, the readiest, except perhaps Rowley, to accept collaboration'.
Suzuki, uno de los primeros eruditos que introdujeron el budismo zen al mundo occidental, clarifico la importancia de la poesia para el pensamiento zen de esta manera: "Zen naturally finds its readiest expression in poetry rather than in philosophy because it has more affinity with feeling than with intellect; its poetic predilection is inevitable" (Ross 112).
I wish to tender my thanks, that 'slightest, easiest, readiest recompence', to Professor John Batchelor, Dr Allyna Ward, and the anonymous reader at Modern Language Review for encouraging me and for shepherding this article towards publication.
China currently consumes more coal than North America, Europe and Japan combined, using the readiest and dirtiest form of fossil fuel available.
(One reads, for instance, that Native American "villages broke up, dispersed, and regathered according to the season, and thus according to where the readiest available resources were available, depending more on hunting and fishing some parts of the year and more on agricultural [sic] at other parts" [269].) Structurally, one might also object, Appelbaum's emphasis upon the "food of wishes" and "food of regret" calls for a balancing chapter on the "food of authority." Given his recognition that "eating ...
Alaina Prokopchuk may be living in the land-locked city of Winnipeg, right now, but her ambitions as a master's student and soon-to-be professional landscape architect make her one of the city's readiest residents in the event that a flood should threaten drinking water with contamination.