readily influenced

See: pliant
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Our music is not readily influenced by anyone in particular," Tinariwen's bassist Eyadou Ag Leche told The Daily Star backstage ahead of the concert.
We also found that a good organizational climate is more readily influenced by management than by other environmental factors such as the availability of venture capital.
They simply cannot be easily fooled or readily influenced and I am confident that they will cast their ballots for those who deserve to represent them.
He reasons that most city businesses can afford a modest fee and is critical of the council for being too readily influenced by the business community.
While she is right in claiming the initial settlers to these mountains were Scotch-Irish Calvinists, she gives no explanation why they were so readily influenced by Francis Asbury and his Circuit Riders in the early nineteenth century so that even those that did not become Methodist, none-the-less, adopted its Arminian theology.
Our religion and social beliefs are strong enough and cannot be readily influenced," said Akayleh, a former minister of education.
In this way, self-concept is contextualized, and possible selves are readily influenced by relationships in one's social environment (Blustein, 1994).
Any boy needs role models, and adults who shared in my interests readily influenced me.
That is fine, but if the initial effect of increasing margins is sustained, it suggests that off-course punters are now being offered the prices available in a more restricted, less generous, sector of the ring, a sector perhaps more readily influenced by the Big Three.