readily perceived

See: palpable
References in classic literature ?
The sensitive and intelligent girl had readily perceived how little her presence was necessary in the interview that has just been related, and had retired with that intuitive delicacy of feeling which seems to belong more properly to her sex.
With the rapid instinct of selfishness, Caderousse readily perceived the solidity of this mode of reasoning; he gazed, doubtfully, wistfully, on Danglars, and then caution supplanted generosity.
He had the uncanny ability to see the true essence in situations not readily perceived by others, a perfect metaphor for being an entrepreneur.
The ability to detect small changes over time is a clear benefit of this particular instrument, which is readily perceived by patients and encourages them to return to our practice for follow-up examination.
The first chapter focuses on explaining what meridians are by comparing them with solid phenomena that is readily perceived.
A payer that uses a clinically based medical appropriateness decision-support system may be more readily perceived as a clinical partner in care decision making.
While in Swiss Re, the system that changes incrementally from floor to floor can be readily perceived and understood.
The brand will also be more readily perceived as modern and dynamic.
Wisdom 6:12-13: "Resplendent and unfading is Wisdom, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her.
At the level of form, perhaps the novel's major accomplishment lies in its desert setting, readily perceived as symbolic of Nicola's tribulations and shattered illusions.
Is there any relationship in the fact that a number of Tolkien's concepts are readily perceived in an artform that has most successfully imparted the concept that imbues the author's major opus, i.
Color plays an important role in every cosmetic product as it is the one attribute which is most readily perceived by the consumer.