readily seen

See: palpable
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The great clock has seven faces -- one in each of the seven sides of the steeple -- so that it can be readily seen from all quarters.
Rubbish is sinking to the bottom of the pond, so can't be readily seen, but is still very clear if you look into the water, and this is unacceptable.
It would be readily seen by the recipient in the way you wrap your gift.
As can be readily seen from Roque's first statements, where he proves yet again that he is willing to say anything, that particular problem will not be his concern.
These risk factors don't generally have obvious signs, except for abdominal obesity, which can be readily seen and measured.
Iran's SNSC spokesman pointed to the negative impact of double-standards in the media, and said, "While the foot track of some of the regional allies of the western countries is readily seen in most terrorist actions, the western media outlets have ignored this reality and only when the explosion occurred in Paris and Brussels they accepted to display a part of the reality of terrorism in Syria and Iraq.
Its eastern edge is battered but still readily seen, with the younger crater Thebit (55 km) on its eastern rim.
These termite mud tubes will be readily seen on foundation walls, studs inside wall gaps and on sill plates found atop foundation walls.
Expand your sustainability efforts by offering wellness as a natural complement that provides deeper benefits not readily seen in energy reductions or gallons of water conserved.
Comet Catalina should be readily seen in binoculars.
The trophy cabinets are also to be relocated outside the refurbished room in an area which will not be readily seen by the golfing fraternity.
For galaxies like Messier 63 the winding arms shine bright because of the presence of recently formed, blue--white giant stars and clusters, readily seen in this Hubble image.