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Strategic initiatives within the materiel readiness objective further define how the Army will achieve its end state.
Readiness for a biopharmaceutical manufacturing campaign involves focusing on specific areas of interest that are essential to the manufacturing operation.
Therefore, the ESOL exercises and worksheets in this book series are used to apply those previously taught and learned skills to workplace materials and situations; and to further help the participants understand the work readiness topics taught in Workplace Basics.
If the military is not used during the period it is kept at a high state of readiness, near-term readiness yields little value beyond its deterrent effect.
Once the reports, venues, and tools information is encapsulated into the readiness report format, verification takes place among the stakeholders.
Dimension Data's cloud readiness service is comprised of four elements which comprises of an online cloud self-assessment, a cloud readiness workshop, cloud readiness assessment and cloud total cost of ownership (TCO).
Every four years, wings undergo major readiness and compliance inspections.
Achieve, which promotes standards-based education reform efforts across the states through initiatives such as the American Diploma Project, has begun to include more focus on career readiness in addition to college readiness.
Fleet readiness reporters have historically used spreadsheets, secondary software programs, and message traffic to calculate and communicate their readiness and resource data.
A CDA program team developed the Mass Event Module (MEM), creating an electronic dental examination record which recorded charting of disease, diagnosis, treatment procedures required, and the Dental Readiness Class (DRC) of a Soldier.
Though all states have early learning guidelines around what children should know and be able to do by kindergarten entry, very few states (just seven) administer a school readiness assessment to children upon school entry to monitor statewide readiness.