readiness to believe

See: credulity
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In the case of the drug killings, the call for justice, if there is any at all, is drowned out by an expressed readiness to believe that these executions are in fact a form of justice.
Where there is no particular knowledge of what in a proposition might be false, we cannot understand considering the proposition to be true at least for the most part simply as involving a readiness to believe severally each of its logical consequences--if only because, where a proposition is known not to be completely true, included among its consequences one which is known to be false will, of course, be that proposition itself; and the falsity of its implication by any known truth will be readily knowable also.
It is thought he wanted to lampoon the public's readiness to believe claims about a cosmos packed with extraterrestrial life - but instead of getting the joke readers embraced these latest reports of alien worlds.
14) This in turn affected people's readiness to believe in the possibility of the mass annihilation of civilians.
DAVID Cameron's readiness to believe foul-mouthed Andrew "plebs" Mitchell instead of the police who guard Downing Street is a depressing day for British politics.
It will be hard for those who are part of the confrontation to question the world's readiness to believe that the bolstering of democracy and the persistence of the war against terror cannot but attract support and assistance.
As that example reflects, Chomsky's rhetorical overkill is of a piece with his readiness to believe the worst about the impact of U.
Not least is our readiness to believe stories of atrocities abroad while refusing to accept that the same things might be happening here.
We are forced, for instance, to ask whether Newman's preference for vertiginous landscapes, his readiness to believe strange miracles, however extraordinary or poorly documented, and his view that we know less about animals than angels all - paradoxically point to someone closer to Hume than to Darwin, as scepticism generates a disordered world that needs its resolution elsewhere.
A readiness to believe the worst of the reaganites has supplied the rest.
In this new scam, it was-we regret to say this-Justice Secretary Leila de Lima's readiness to believe that, facing the possibility of death, Napoles was ready to bare all.
I used to get angry when I read of these acquittals, ascribing them to anti-female prejudice, undue readiness to believe the woman is lying.

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