readiness to give

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The northern access to the lists terminated in a similar entrance of thirty feet in breadth, at the extremity of which was a large enclosed space for such knights as might be disposed to enter the lists with the challengers, behind which were placed tents containing refreshments of every kind for their accommodation, with armourers, tarriers, and other attendants, in readiness to give their services wherever they might be necessary.
While stressing the moral responsibility towards the victims and their families, Dacic pointed out that "the establishing of criminal liability and punishment of the perpetrators will have immeasurable value in the fight against impunity and show that justice is attainable for all victims" and reiterated Serbia's readiness to give all the evidence it had.
February 10, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese government has expressed readiness to give the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/North (SPLM-N al-Hilu) a new chance to reach a peace deal in the Two Areas during the coming round of talks.
The ambassador expressed his readiness to give the mineral file the utmost importance and to do everything that would enhance the opportunities for joint cooperation between the two countries for the development of mineral sector and support of Sudanese-South African relations.
For its part, the opposition had a duty to signal that it wanted to speak with one voice in genuine negotiations with the Government, he said, adding: "No one is asking the opposition to stop being an opposition, but we are urging the opposition to realize that it is at its most credible and effective when it stands together, and shows readiness to give and take.
The cars are, to my mind, looking pretty equal, a development dead-heat, with management back-ups and massive financial support, that will only certify their readiness to give it their all in the fascinating chase down the grand prix glory road.
Unfazed by alleged 'petty' issues against his leadership, Senate President Aquilino 'Koko' Pimentel III on Monday expressed readiness to give his post to any colleague who has the support of at least 13 senators.
In short, the United States won't waste time on talks unless Pyongyang signals readiness to give up its nuclear weapons.
He expressed his readiness to give up office planned to be delivered to him by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in accordance with the agreement between the MC and the Union regarding the sharing of power in local government.
The past days witnessed reshuffling of political cards on a lot of issues," he said, adding "a solution might be near though it cannot be simply achieved for it depends on the parties' readiness to give concessions .
In stark contrast I want to commend the girls who have shown immense courage in their readiness to give evidence against him.

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