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Therefore, plenty of supporting reading material from print media can be used to achieve the true objectives of teaching reading skills.
But the bottom line is that grocery stores have an uphill battle if they want to get involved with reading material.
Writers for pupils' expository reading materials need to be:
Community members are welcome to leave their old periodicals and pick up new reading material as they leave.
This direct control by prisoners over their own reading material was certainly a far cry from the original intentions behind the Auburn system, and the variety of subject matter the committee found would have been unimaginable fifteen years earlier.
The book, Strega Nona, can be used as reading material, in math as the doubling concept, and in science with yeast (a celled plant), or with a unit on heat.
Supporters of public libraries also argue that government control ensures that a wide range of reading material is available.
This publication contains a wide variety of resources that offer assistive devices and reading material in alternate media.
The Punjab School Education Department has developed reading material at six levels to educate children, teachers and parents and create awareness towards achieving the objective of child protection.
Summary: Launched by Shaikha Bodour, foundation will provide books and reading material to children in underprivileged areas
ISLAMABAD -- Women end up requiring reading glasses early on because they hold books and other reading material closer to their eyes than men, says a new study.
He exhorts teachers to devise innovative ways and use all types of reading material to redefine reading so that it embraces the interests and needs of today's students.