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Increased access to age and grade appropriate supplementary reading materials
It certainly does not hurt that selling reading material is fun and interesting for the consumer and profitable for the retailer.
Unlike 150 years ago, modern farmers have more reading material than they can read.
So, Williamson says, "not only is the typical end-of-high school text lower in its text demand, but the vast majority of high school texts require less reading ability than most of the reading material students are likely to encounter after high school.
The Pajama Program identifies institutions where youngsters are living temporarily and, in conjunction with the facility, sends sleepwear and reading material for its residents.
This is the extent to which the contents of the Jewish libraries in Mantua reflect the manner in which Jews in Italy were able to traverse their own cultural boundaries and the open-minded way they maintained their collections of reading material.
For most Americans, balanced reading material isn't likely to replace TV attack ads as a main source of political information anytime soon.
Still, without the reading material, in the gallery it boils down to basically cheerful, lively hardedge abstraction.
The Book Clubs centre offers the book club community new ideas for reading material.
Factors making reading material too complex to understand need analyzing and remedying so that each pupil achieves optimally.
0 offers CPAs timely reading material on e-businesses and dot-com companies as well as lighter fare such as the article, "The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.
The RNIB is keen to use modern technology to improve provision of reading material - in both Welsh and English - for the blind and partially-sighted.