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Beardshaw, who is involved with a variety of schools' initiatives, says the number of children becoming involved in gardening is on the rise because of an increased awareness through schools and everyday reading matter which points to the importance of five-a-day and food sources.
THE Daily Post had been publishing for 24 years and the Education Act of 1870 had spread the levels of literacy - and therefore demand for reading matter - when plans for the launch of the Liverpool Echo were put into action.
IF RUSSELL Earnshaw runs out of reading matter on his long-haul flight to New Zealand, he could always wile away the hours trying to reconcile his team's startling inconsistency.
Donald McCain was clearly hoping this report will be part of the handicapper's Sunday morning reading matter when pointing out that winning distances "tend to get exaggerated" in heavy ground after Bled had stretched 17 lengths clear in the 2m41/2f handicap hurdle.
If you wanted comics with more reading matter then I recall reading The Wizard, The Hotspur and The Adventure.
Get A Grip On Physics, by Dr John Gribbin, was pictured in the footwell of the champion golfer's car, surrounded by shards of glass, sparking interest in his high-brow reading matter.
You are reminded that Veterans Affairs have prepared a great deal of handout materiasl, including newspaper-format reading matter, bookmarks and "postcards for peace.
I look across to my bedside table and the choice for the evening's reading matter is very much a toss up.
I have so much reading matter that I was thinking of perhaps cutting the list down a bit.
Even today short stories are the only way new authors can fight their way into the consciousness of readers who are pounded with reading matter from newspaper and periodical articles on every sort of subject.
ITALY: John Nicholson, of Acklam, put on his Boro top and took the Gazette to bring a touch of Teesside to the Leaning Tower of Pisa when he stopped over during a Med cruise; USA: Margaret Evans, of Longnewton, near Stockton, took some reading matter with her when she went about the American Queen paddle steamer when she travelled on the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee rivers from Memphis to Chattanoog