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2 overs after their victory target had been readjusted to 92 from 15 overs.
The second change is that these funds will be readjusted yearly and submitted on the first of each month," she added.
Police said: "She has readjusted well to life but is still very reluctant to talk about her experiences.
Chapter 6 subjects Petrarch to a process of ridimensionamento, which implies not that he is whittled down in size, but that the framework of the history of humanism is readjusted so that he is not seen to tower at its outset.
According to an Internal Revenue service news release (IR 95-50), individual income tax returns that do not include valid Social Security numbers (SSNs) or IRS-assigned individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINs) will be held up in processing, with all related claims possibly disallowed and the tax readjusted.
Pocket watches of die era gave only an approximation of the hour; even vast clock-tower assemblies had to be readjusted daily.
That labor force also became feminized, making women's wage-earning potential so significant that "simple calculation of household interests radically readjusted women's 'worth' and esteem within peasant society and culture.
This network has been gradually compiled since 1807; the last time the network data were readjusted was in 1927.
However, the company's long-term situation is a bit unclear given the heavy reliance on two mature products in Rituxan and Avonex, as well as its readjusted expectations for Tysabri.
Just as he'd learned, he readjusted her head to help clear her airway, then went looking for her two younger children, who were hiding in an upstairs bathroom.
And scientists think it possible to pop a readjusted bird gene into an egg to build a toothy, scaly chicken, with T-Rex-style skin colour, behaviour - and claws.
Following Netter's advice, Jones readjusted the holdings within her retirement plan.