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China on Sunday began implementing a speed readjustment plan for all bullet trains across the country, having them to run more slowly to boost safety in the wake of last month's accident that killed 40 people, official media reported.
Fortunately, we believe the amounts involved for individuals are not huge and, if the readjustments are done over, say, two, three or four years, it should not adversely affect anyone's standard of living.
The author argues that extensively ambiguous design, as displayed by the complex federal readjustment processes in Canada, has helped to develop the widely admired impartial decision-making cultures of the FEBCs.
New developments in the materials and languages of art often call for readjustments in how curators and institutions develop an interface for it, and Resonance joins several other art radio-station initiatives in pursuit of a novel type of exhibition space: Vienna's Kunstradio, a weekly program on the city's ORF radio station, has been broadcasting since 1987.
The Best Years of Our Lives addresses the fears postwar America had of the readjustments of returning vets.
One possibility is than the crust is undergoing temporary readjustments following a magnitude 5.
He pinpoints some effects of the war on children, ranging from wartime migration, absent fathers, government aid, media presentation of the war, changes in childrearing, and readjustments after the war.
They found that it requires a number of readjustments to be made before the benefits of the nursing home placement can be realized.
Readjustments The healing process, the third stage of grief, begins when new relationships and roles are formed.
The determination of the new calculation for tariff readjustment has the positive aspect of granting a more consistent regulatory support to Sabesp's future readjustments.
The fund would focus on the inefficiencies generated by readjustments in equity indexes.
The love-struck Tchelitchew followed Ford back to New York, where, after some domestic readjustments, the two eventually established the mselves in a sunlit East Side penthouse.