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probation and parole offices, workforce development centers) can be brief, (2) people's needs can change dramatically in short periods of time, and (3) there was a need to be able to readminister the instrument, the merits of a shorter instrument ultimately prevailed.
test a group on their statistical knowledge then readminister the test after a statistics course has been completed, then run a paired t-test comparing the mean of the initial (pre-course) test scores with the mean of the follow-up (post-course) test scores.
If more are needed doctors have kept some donor cells back to harvest and readminister.
Now said I'm going to everyone is working administer, together, we share readminister data" (05/20/08).
The trainer required examiners to practice and readminister any test on which interrater agreement was less than 90%.
However, if the student cannot correctly spell five consecutively correct words, the examiner is directed to go back and readminister the Name Writing/Letter Writing portion.
In that situation, the provider must readminister the entire dose.
The practitioner should not readminister a dose of RV vaccine to an infant who regurgitates, spits out, or vomits during or after administration of vaccine.
More than once, the Council of Ten had to readminister the ducal oath to him after he conferred privately (and illicitly) with foreign envoys.
The nine individuals to whom we were able to readminister the quizzes showed no significant change in their retention of the self-empowerment material.
If the initial tests are successful, the teams may ask the RAC for permission to readminister the treatment to the patients later on.