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A new study has suggested, dementia increases the risk of 30-day readmission to the hospital after discharge.
Neither is it taken into account to forecast crucial clinical outcomes like readmission.
Nurses providing discharge education, as well as advanced practice nurses providing education during hospital follow-up appointments, may be able to impact 30-day readmission rates by using this method of patient education.
The research also found that younger patients (18-44) were twice as likely to be readmitted for severe dysglycemia than were older patients and that a severe dysglycemic episode was a strong predictor of readmission for another dysglycemia event.
The cost analysis was performed by comparing BRIDGE costs to avoided 30-day hospital readmission costs between patients who participated in the BRIDGE program and patients who did not (and received usual care follow-up with their cardiologist or primary care physician).
Medical and surgical readmission rates are used in various specialties as indicators of quality and linked to reimbursement, but "very little is known about readmissions in obstetrics," he said.
The Bar Examiners will conduct a public hearing on Brown's application for readmission.
Hospitals face penalties for readmitting recently discharged Medicare patients, but in 27 percent of cases readmissions could be prevented, according to a UCSF-led study of 12 academic medical centers nationwide.
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has incorporated 30-day readmission rates into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as a provision of Value Based Purchasing (VBP) for some conditions.
These identified events were then compared to true readmissions/ transfers identified in the gold standard readmission discharge dataset to calculate sensitivity and PPV.
4) Medical literature has shown 30-day readmission rates in heart failure and pneumonia are related to disease severity and socioeconomic status.
Researchers from the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), a seven-hospital system in southeastern Michigan, conducted the large study to understand the epidemiology of CDI readmissions, analyzing 51,353 all-cause discharges between Jan.