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Other themes considered included whether the hospital described the readmission penalty as being related to past behavior from a physician group, being a teaching hospital, having inadequate nursing staff levels, lacking community resources, and having a large number of patients with behavioral health problems.
The trust was highly commended for its efforts to reduce patient readmission rates over the weekend of 2011/12 and 2012/13.
The common misunderstanding about the readmission agreement is that Turkey will start taking illegal immigrants from Europe, as soon as it signs the agreement.
However, Baystate Mary Lane Hospital in Ware proves it is not impossible to have low readmission rates.
78, but was no better than a flip of a coin at predicting 1-year readmission for HF (AUC of 0.
Hospitals - particularly those that have been identified by CMS as having excess preventable readmissions - must deploy solutions to streamline post-discharge follow-up and patient compliance that support the financial health of the organization and improve the healing process for patients.
The figure is a stark rise from 2001/2 when the readmission rate stood at 103,000 a year.
Social and economic factors may also influence hospital readmission rates.
Ultimately, the program led to a 13 percent drop in readmissions.
The Florida Board of Bar Examiners will conduct a public hearing on Karten's application for readmission.
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley spoke out after figures released yesterday revealed that emergency readmissions had soared by 78% in a decade.
The Readmission Agreement between Turkey and Russia was signed in Moscow on Tuesday.