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Predicting readmissions and cardiovascular events in heart failure patients.
We examined hospital readmissions in California between 2005 and 2014 using the annual state all-payer hospital inpatient file, the Patient Discharge Database (PDD), which includes all hospital discharges from nonfederal general acute care hospitals.
After adjusting for baseline characteristics between the treatment groups, IV acetaminophen was associated with a 71% decreased likelihood of readmission within 30 days which may potentially result in USD 160m savings per year on a national level.
Reducing readmissions in this population is challenging.
Further, not all patients with HF in the LTC facilities are weighed daily, making it difficult to intervene to prevent hospital readmission. The transitional care nurse leader should collaborate with leaders in LTC facilities to develop specific protocols to prevent readmissions.
24 (ANI): Turns out, dementia affects the hospital readmission rate for worse.
Frequent readmissions are characterized according to different frequency criteria (number of readmissions and interval between readmissions), and there is no consensus on the criterion among the authors (Gastal et al., 2000; Oyffe et al., 2009; Ramos et al., 2011 Roick et al., 2004).
The total cost of the CY readmissions was $2.54 billion, which works out to $508 million per year or $8,995 per visit.
Readmissions add significantly to the societal cost of joint replacements.
Data were captured from several databases including the Canadian Institute for Health Information Discharge Abstract Database for all hospitalizations and readmissions from April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2015.
Finally, the medical records of all readmissions deemed preventable were reviewed to determine how the readmission might have been prevented, and the results were tabulated.
The findings of this study have importance given the impact on patient outcomes, as well as Medicare penalties involved with readmissions, and the use of nonvalidated data sets for readmission risk stratification within other institutions.