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The big question we want this conference to address is, how ready, willing and able are social enterprises in Wales to capitalise on these opportunities."
The Villa boss said: "I was at a League Managers'Association meeting in London and had to go down quite early therefore I did not get a chance to speak to Gareth but John Robertson and Steve Walford (Villa's coaches) spoke to him just after training and he was ready, willing and able to play which is great.
The unveiling indicated the carrier is "ready, willing and able to fly," CEO Fred Reid told reporters in attendance.
A second lesson is that the Tax Court is ready, willing and able to scrutinize the actions of the FLP or family limited liability company (FLLC) and its owners and managers, and that the Fifth Circuit is willing to support it.
In assessing where colleagues find themselves today, it might be reasonable to ask, "Is today's new breed of administrator ready, willing and able to adopt such a philosophy at a time when other options for work and professional life might be less demanding and potentially offer the same, or better, financial opportunities?"