ready ability

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The ready ability for motorists to compare fuel prices, that are not subject to condition, would allow customers to choose where to fill up with confidence.
As interesting and unusual as all this may be, the other factor which evolved emphasized the ready ability for a moderately favourable pattern (throughout the lower and middle layers) to become overtly active in advecting moist air into and across Namibia.
He mixes this with a sharp wit and ready ability to infect others with his enthusiasm for local communities.
His understanding of the technical and regulatory intricacies of hazardous waste recycling and significant sales expertise gives him the ready ability to envision and affect real change for his clients.
Giving a 55-year-old priest, who has no ready ability to obtain employment, no pension or even Social Security benefits, the option of leaving or entering a monastery for which he might be temperamentally unsuited, may be close to a death sentence.
1: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace
Providing strong and clear notice of your [privacy] practices, and providing people with the easy and ready ability to opt out of them, is at the heart of what companies need to do," to adhere to the FTC's principle of giving notice, says Jeff Connaughton, a spokesman for the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).
Users of Incode's planned MarketCast or KissyKat services, for example, may also need to launch their own financial- or pet-centric Web sites -- the Ignite products would provide these users with the ready ability to launch their own professionally designed site for a reasonably priced recurring subscription.
Yet another complexity is the ready ability for a similar situation to develop a separate cut-off low , again diverse through these lower levels, yet active in the middle layers.
Agility" - The quality or state of being agile, marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace, having a quick resourceful and adaptable character.