ready cash

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Ready Cash explained that the firm has safeguards to ensure that stolen property is not received and it was happy to make amends in this case.
By reporting profits, he explained companies can go to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to apply for the floating of more bonds to acquire ready cash and finance expansion projects.
Traditional lenders are not interested in lending on these deals and most other funds cannot perform due diligence as quickly as we can and often they do not have ready cash.
Ready Cash complements SHB's current portfolio of financing solutions and underlines the bank's aim of providing customers with banking services that are easy to understand and offer value-added benefits.
The bank said that Ready Cash complements Saudi Hollandi Bank's current portfolio of financing solutions and would provide customers with banking services that are easy to understand and offer value-added benefits.
Saudi Hollandi Bank has launched Ready Cash, a Shari'ah compliant product in the kingdom that will give the Bank's customers flexible repayment options and usage.
Individuals needing cash to pay green fees or to provide ready cash are expected to use these machines.
The contrast between the teams scrambling for ready cash and those performing at F1's elite level was highlighted further this week in an interview given by reigning champion Lewis Hamilton.
The pension premiums off National Insurance have been squandered as ready cash over many years instead of being invested to provide the pension costs.
This was widely interpreted as meaning that the bank is moving towards adopting quantitative easing, a policy of buying securities and thereby providing the holders of these instruments with ready cash.
But without ready cash they have to go elsewhere, which for traders seeing potential sales lost must be upsetting to say the least.
And to pay off the 32-year-old would also cost more ready cash than the troubled Midlands club can get their hands on right now - without selling some more players.