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In the old days, before you entered the town proper, you had to pass through Ready Money Lane.
It was ready money so that he could feed his addiction for Class A drugs.
They were also taking steps to ensure banks can get ready money in any currency if market conditions warrant.
More trainers wanted to come, but the French authorities have capped the British contingent in the face of this renewed interest, this whiff of ready money.
The company's bosses wanted to make sure they have enough ready money to make compensation payments and to bolster the market's confidence in BP.
Fifty years later it was commented that the coal companies didn't need recruiting agents, because, when their employees went home for a visit wearing new suits, ready money in their pockets and possessing watches they acted as recruiting agents themselves.
Given the liquidity crunch, people are not walking around with ready money.
The UK's biggest trade union, Unite, representing nearly two million workers in UK and Ireland, with members participating in pension schemes worth billions of pounds, has joined forces with major US union, the SEIU, to warn that union pension schemes should no longer be relied on by the buyout industry as a source of ready money.
The issue of the marketplace is that negative "stressors" are resulting in the inability to raise ready money to meet the demand of needed spending.
For example, should you have charged the lowest or medium price in case of payment with ready money, then you are allowed to charge the highest just price when selling on credit, for all these prices lie within the latitude of the just price.
For people aged over 60, equity release schemes have provided a way of translating the bricks and mortar they own into ready money.