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A man of the present period, in Sir Patrick's position, would have struck an attitude of (what is called) chivalrous respect; and would have addressed Anne in a tone of ready-made sympathy, which it was simply impossible for a stranger really to feel.
Kitty was walking there with her mother and the Moscow colonel, smart and jaunty in his European coat, bought ready-made at Frankfort.
He walked quietly away from the kitchen door, leaving Sally to that pleasure of guessing which active minds notoriously prefer to ready-made knowledge.
Similarly, the exports of ready-made garments also increased by 6.
Muscat, Oct 31 (ONA) The participation of the Sultanate in the Arab-Turkish Forum for Ready-made Garments, Leather, and Textiles Technology Industries, which was held in the Turkish City of Izmir during October 26th-29th proved fruitful as several agreements and trade partnerships were inked between the Omani businessmen and their Turkish counterparts.
The men, women and children can easily be found purchasing ready-made garments for their Eid days at the different markets and bazaars of these cities.
Cafeteria Products Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District- University Hospital of Oulu (Oulu University Hospital), 5 delivery points,- Visala Hospital, one delivery point,- Juices (10)- Cookies (15)- Sugars and pods (20)- Confectionery (30, 31, 32, 33, 34)- Liquid dairy products and cheese (40)- Deli meats (45)- Raw frozen and ready-made frozen pastry (50)- Drugstore and miscellaneous accessories (55)- Ready-made meals for (60),- Dessert and snack meals (65)- PatonkitEnytteet (70)- Coffee (75)- Ice-creams (80)- Fresh breads and pastries (85)- Pre-stuffed buns, baguettes and sandwiches, as well as ready-made salads (90)- Gluten-free pastries and savory breads (95).
Secretary General of the JHCO, Ayman Mefleh, told Petra that the convoy, which carried 70 ready-made houses, was donated by the professional associations, noting that the caravans will be distributed to beneficiaries in Gaza by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
According to a survey, despite price hike ready-made garments attracted buyers the most with new verities and designs.
I think this notion that somehow there was this ready-made moderate Syrian force that was able to defeat Assad is simply not true.
com, a leading directory of culinary colleges, reveals the importance of learning basic cooking skills in a society where processed foods and ready-made meals are the norm.
Assaf added that the issue of the price increase has been investigated and West Bank based ready-made cement companies have come to the conclusion that there has been no price increase from the Israeli side.