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The Pope's encyclical Veritatis splendor (1993) reaffirms the objective nature of God's love, and of conscience.
Reaffirms Prior Guidance at the Wall Street Analyst Forum's 16th Annual Analyst Conference
The Goldman decision reaffirms that those assessments cannot be defended based upon speculative and unrealized potential, but must be based on a property's current condition and use.
DCR) reaffirms its 'AAA' (Triple-A) ratings of the Class A Senior certificates and its 'AA' (Double-A) ratings on the Class B Subordinate certificates on the following series from the Sears Credit Account Master Trust II:
The name change reaffirms the company's commitment to providing the newspaper industry with quality products and services, embracing the Muller Martini core values of integrity, quality, and continuity.
The order reaffirms PNM's market-based tariff, which allows the company to charge market prices for wholesale power when there are no transmission constraints or outages.
Altera reaffirms that first quarter sales will be in line with prior guidance for 4% to 7% sequential growth.
Company encouraged by robust response to new plan offerings and reaffirms 2006 membership and earnings per share guidance
Today's joint announcement with the USOC reaffirms the company's leadership position on the ultimate athletic stage.
Oral-B has been and continues to be at the forefront of dental technology and the Cochrane study substantiates and reaffirms our own research and development," said Bruce Cleverly, President, Gillette Oral Care.