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Sherman along with nine other senators further counter that they see no reason why some of their colleagues, including PYJ are refusing to reaffirm or recommit themselves to the Human Rights pledge.
The UAE Cabinet approves new facilitations for expats sponsoring family members and reaffirms UAE's position as a hub for talents and the land of opportunities.
The Nairobi ministerial declaration has " clearly stated that there is one section which did not want to reaffirm ( the Doha Round) and there is another ( India, China G33, Arab Nations and least developed countries) which wants to reaffirm and that section will keep fighting to have it reaffirmed ...
Graeme said: "We have been married 7 years and we wanted to reaffirm our vows were we regularly come for worship and because we originally married in New York at a civil ceremony, which was great but we felt we wanted to make our vows in Church."
LSPL reapplied, but the SBA reaffirmed its position on September 23rd without comment.
-- reaffirm their support for a democratic, stable and united Indonesia.
We members of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops now unanimously reaffirm with Pope Paul VI, with Pope John Paul II and in harmony with immemorial tradition, the truth of Humanae vitae.
The president should issue a policy statement that calls for the reauthorization and full funding of the NEA and reaffirms the Democratic Party platform position: "We believe in public support for the arts, including a National Endowment for the Arts that is free from political manipulation and firmly rooted in the First Amendment's freedom of expression guarantee."
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Saturday strongly condemned the attempt to undermine democracy by a failed coup in Turkey and reaffirmed full support to its democratic institutions.
MT Hojgaard Holding A/S (CPH:MTHH), a provider of construction and civil engineering services, on Wednesday reaffirmed its outlook for 2019.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 13, 2019-MT HAjgaard Holding announces order cancellation and reaffirms 2019 outlook
During the meeting, both parties reaffirmed the strong and broad-based bilateral defence relations as well as commitment to strengthening bilateral defence cooperation in areas of mutual interest, such as Air Force and Navy cooperation.