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I take this opportunity to reaffirm without qualification the encyclical Humanae vitae and to comment briefly on certain points.
Based upon the guidance for total net product sales for 2004, Salix reaffirms that the Company will be profitable for the third and fourth quarters at a level to deliver earnings per share of $0.
We develop products using feedback from our independent dealer network, and this award reaffirms that this cooperative strategy produces industry-leading products.
The Court of Appeal decision thus reaffirms the validity of the original finders agreement between Cherokee and Mossimo and reaffirms Cherokee's right to be paid all amounts currently due and due in the future thereunder.
The Company reaffirms its guidance for the fiscal 2004 third quarter ended December 31, 2003, and anticipates quarterly net revenue between $215 million and $235 million, and net income between $28 million and $36 million, or between $0.
Pivotal reaffirms its support for the proposed acquisition by Oak/Talisma to be considered at a shareholder meeting on November 21, 2003.